Professionals: Arch. Gian Paolo Mar
Services: Project I, II stages
Customer: Autorità Portuale
Place: Venezia
Work cost: € 231.889.148,00 (al 1990)
Volume: mc 1.169.804
Period: 1990


The project provides for the renovation of the
entire port area, as well as its connection to both Isola del Tronchetto (which contains car parks as well as supporting structures) and to the historical city centre. The link will be guaranteed by a mechanised transport system.
The renovation involves:
– restructuring the existing railway station
– building a maritime station containing all the
embarkation and debarkation services, including a system of covered landing stages along the dock to connect the central part of the station to the boats;
– creating a new basin for ferries, with large vehicle parking areas;
– constructing a quality marina for large pleasure boats in the shelter of the city, looking out over Canale Scomenzera, and renovating the 19th century warehouses;
– creating a traffic system to access it;
– constructing a hotel and a commercial bridge
(Ponte di Rialto) connecting the area with the
historical city centre on the southern section of the dock;
– building a management centre with close links to the mechanised transport system on the north side.
The hotel, at the top of the pier, will be the last
element in a curtain of buildings on the Canale
della Giudecca side that will start from Punta della Dogana, develop along Zattere, and be redesigned on the San Basilio part.
In this manner, new spaces and new sections for both housing and accommodation will be redefined.
In other words, the aim is to bring Venice back to overlooking Canale della Giudecca, continuing the development of Zattere’s foundations.
Reinforced by the presence of the church of S.
Marta, a large commercial bridge will cross Canale Scomenzera and lead to the hotel.
This operation of “urban advancement” will involve concentrating maritime-cruise services on Molo di Ponente, which will be expanded fourfold to provide docking on all four sides.