Professionals: Arch. Gian Paolo Mar
Services: Project, Construction Management
Costumer: SAVE Engineering
Place: Venezia
Work cost: € 2.081.213,81
Period: 1998 – 2002
Photographer: Paolo Monello

In the ambit of Marco Polo Airport’s new passenger terminal at Venice-Tessera, under a separate contract, a lift system has been planned aimed both at public, and for specific technical service use, for the offices or the transport of goods for internal use.
Movement of people has been organised with hydraulic lifts and with escalators and is optimized for access to the double level terminal and, on the opposite side, to the boarding gantries connected to the loading-bridges.
All systems have been designed for mixed use, adapted for the transport of people and the movement of freight.
To this end, in determined areas, systems denominated mobile platforms have been integrated for the movement of disabled people. The project provides that every specific zone of the terminal is served with an integrated lift and escalator system.
Twelve escalators, twenty-four lift systems and three mobile platforms have been installed
both for public use and for the movement of freight.
The lifts for public use have received particular
attention to detail and three of them have panoramic views.
The freight lifts are of medium and large dimensions. Some have double access to allow loading and unloading of freight. Thought has also been given to a lift dedicated to oversized baggage.